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WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!   We are working on changing up the website to serve our members better!  If you are having problems finding information, paying online for invoices, or filling out a membership form  please call  970-245-1384 and the WCCA Staff will assit you! 

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WCCA Legislative Committee took a position in April of 2018 after several inquiries and research to support the efforts of the Lets Go Colorado Campaign to improve transportation.  Drivers in Colorado spend thousands of dollars a year because of traffic congestion delays, damage to vehicles, accidents and lost gas efficiency  annually. Those costs really add up and Coloradans are paying the bill - up to $6.8 billion annually due to the poor condition of our transportation system.
The proposed ballot measure is to address the need for infrastructure funding with a .62% sales tax increase that would go to: State Highway Funding (45%), Local Transportation Priorities Fund (Cities 20%/ Counties 20%) and Multimodal Options (public transit, bike paths, etc via grant process).  With the increase in funding to dedicated to bring transportation maintenance and projects up to current, This also means more funds coming back to Western Colorado for projects.   For more information on this initiative CLICK HERE !




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